About PalmSens

PalmSens BV was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kees van Velzen, one of the driving forces in the field of potentiostat digitalization in the late 80’s and 90’s. PalmSens was the first company to reduce a research grade potentiostat to a size that fits in your pocket.

At PalmSens we are committed to make electrochemistry easier, more portable and more accessible for novice and advanced researchers.

We provide a comprehensive range of instruments for most types of electrochemistry with an emphasis on mobility and cost. We manufacture the world’s smallest commercially available potentiostat: the EmStat. While our unique flagship device, the PalmSens4, is one of the most compact frequency response analyzers (FRA) / EIS capable devices in the market.

Embedded solutions (OEM)

We have extensive experience as an OEM partner providing instruments for integration into dedicated electrochemical applications. Our EmStat Starter Kit includes an EmStat potentiostat as a small module and comes with communication protocols and an optional software development kit for .NET. With this bundle a quick implementation of the EmStat can be achieved with minimum time invested.

15 Years of Experience

The first PalmSens was sold in 2001. At that time it was the only battery powered, portable potentiostat. It was operated via a pocket PC. Many things have happened since then, but we kept our focus on portable potentiostats with user-friendly software, which makes electrochemistry accessible for everyone.

PalmSens changed its name from Palm Instruments to PalmSens. The PalmSens is operated via a Windows operated PC or an Android operated phone or tablet. Furthermore, the PalmSens is now capable of Impedance Spectroscopy. The EmStat is the world’s smallest research grade potentiostat commercially available.

We kept our focus on portable potentiostats with user-friendly software to make electrochemistry accessible for everyone.

In the over 15 years of our company history we have worked to improve the user-experience of our devices and software. We have made the first app to operate potentiostats with mobile devices. And we have established a portfolio of OEM services.

Corrosion doesn’t only happen in the lab, it happens everywhere. So we think corrosion studies should be possible everywhere. We have improved the corrosion mode of our software and try to make your electrochemical characterization of a certain material or coating as convenient as possible.

User-friendly software

Software should work for you not you for the software. We try to make our software intuitive and clean. Only the options that are applicable for your current situation will be visible.

The software gives immediately feedback on the entered parameters and it gives reasons, why values could be problematic. The convenient export functions for your curves and data allow to autosave your data in your favorite file format or import it into Excel, Origin or ZView with just one click.

The Corrosion Mode of PSTrace was developed with the needs of corrosion researchers in mind.

The Corrosion Mode of PSTrace was developed with the needs of corrosion researchers in mind. It allows you to easily convert a polarization curve into a Tafel plot and extract important parameters as the polarization resistance, Tafel slopes or corrosion rate.

Furthermore, if you perform Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), you can use a set of pre-built equivalent circuits, which are commonly used for corrosion analysis.

Portable Electrochemistry

In the beginning portable potentiostats were developed with focus on analytical chemistry. Nowadays, electronics have made it possible that our portable devices can compete with many bench top devices. Even electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) can be performed with our PalmSens4 , which can be conveniently transported in its rugged case or in any other bag.

Thanks to a Bluetooth connection, integrated batteries and the compact design you can use our potentiostats at many places. They can be quickly moved from bench to bench or into the field.

This way your electrochemical workstation is always available and you can measure your samples at the customers site , in your own lab or at any other place.


PalmSens focus is on easy-to-use  portable electrochemistry and common electrochemistry. This focus has allowed us to keep our prices low, because many people use our instruments. The higher volumes allow us to provide good prices without compromising on quality.