What is in the Corrosion Cell Kit included?

In short the Corrosion Cell Kit includes the following items:

• 1 x 1 L glass vessel
• 2 x graphite counter with holder
• 1 x saturated calomel electrode with salt bridge
• 1 x sample holder for flat coupons
• 2 x platinum counter electrodes
• 1 x parts for the Stern-Makrides arrangement
• spare O-rings and Teflon parts

The glass cell can take up a volume of up to one liter. It has several openings to place two counter electrodes, one samples holder / working electrode, a reference electrode with salt bridge and a gas inlet.

The graphite counter electrodes are two graphite rods with 5 mm diameter and 30 cm length.

The saturated calomel reference electrode has a ball junction so the electrode together with included salt bridge can be easily placed and fixed with a ball flask clamp.

The sample holder allows a flat disc shaped sample to be fixed in the Teflon housing with an electrical connection outside the cell and a defined surface area (1 cm diameter) exposed to the solution in the cell.

The Stern-Makrides arrangement needs a cylindrical sample with a screw thread, so the sample holders metal rod can be screwed directly into the sample. Teflon cones make sure the metal rod is properly sealed away in a hollow glass rod.

The two platinum counter electrodes have a rectangular platinum sheet  at their ends. These counter electrodes are more expensive, but are more resistant to corrosive solutions than the carbon.